Volunteer with us!

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  • Role:
    Teaching online ESL to adult immigrants on a one-on-one basis

    See below for more information!

  • Time commitment:
    A minimum of 4 hours per week and a two-month term only
  • Location:
    Using Zoom
  • Training:
    We provide full training in areas such as online ESL, teaching over Zoom and much more.
  • Materials:
    We offer materials and curricula for general English, conversation, writing, citizenship English and K-12.

Who we are

Nevy's Language is non-profit social enterprise that started in Toronto, Canada to help immigrants to Canada and the United States improve their English language levels. For the past year (way prior to COVID), we have been operating online pairing immigrants across Canada and the United States with teachers like yourselves. To date, we've matched over 600 students and 600 teachers and run thousands of hours of live, online learning. As a non-profit corporation, we have no shareholders, and all profits are reinvested back into the programs.

We pair teachers with students for one-on-one, online ESL sessions on themes like Daily Life English, Workplace English, Citizenship English and more.

What is the teaching opportunity?

We grab your availability and the maximum hours you would like to dedicate to this and pair you with a student (or two) with the same requested days and times. We set you off on a fixed schedule of sessions, week in, week out, for a 2 month period. The schedule can be anytime between 9am to 12am (Pacific to Eastern timezones), 7 days a week. Once paired, we give you a profile of the student and the curriculum to use (yes, you don't have to develop any materials!) - all you have to do is implement some of our recommended teaching methods and teach your student to the best of your ability. It's that simple and students find it very convenient and effective.

How long is the commitment?

The commitment for this opportunity is a 2-month term minimum and a 4-hour weekly minimum. You have to prepare briefly before every lesson and send the links that were covered in the session as homework. Please consider this opportunity carefully before applying as we hold our teachers to a very high standard of integrity and performance. A lack of performance according to our standards will result in dismissal from our program. The 2-month term starts on the date of the first session.

Who would I teach?

Our students are mostly adults between the ages of 30 and 50 and at the beginner levels. They work in industries such as Hospitality, Food Services, Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation. Your local Uber driver might be studying with us! The type of English they look for is functional, daily life English that they can use in their day-to-day. Our students are very value driven, so they care very much to learn well. They like to feel accomplished at the end of every lesson with you.

Can I do my practicum with you?

For those looking to do their practicum with us, we can offer you the amount of teaching hours that you require to complete your practicum requirements as well as facilitate recording some of your sessions for your record keeping. Observation sessions can be purchased at the Observation page. We can gladly become a reference for you while you look for work and issue a certificate of completion if needed. We train and invest in you, so that you can invest in your student's learning.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, simply fill out form below to be taken to the application. The process includes a brief application form and a video interview. If accepted, you will go through a 2-hour training/orientation course that can be completed on your own time. After completing the training, you'll get paired with a student within two weeks.