The teachers on Nevy's platform

Nevy's welcomes teachers of all experience levels. We accept teachers onto the platform based on their teaching skills, presentability, attitude and comfort with technology. Whether you are an experienced online ESL teacher or a new ESL teacher that just become certified, we welcome you to apply to teach with us.

1. Experienced teachers!

Teachers with online ESL teaching experience are welcome to set up their classes with us!

  • You have ESL/EFL teaching experience
  • You have worked with adult learners in the past
  • You enjoy teaching English online
  • You are looking for more income!

2. New ESL teachers!

We allow practicum and newly certified TEFL teachers to teach on our platform. We are highly selective in our recruitment, but we always present an opportunity for new ESL teachers to gain experience! Since teachers choose their class size, new ESL teachers can start with a small class and then increase it as they become comfortable with teaching online.

  • You need to complete your practicum hours
  • You just completed a TEFL certificate
  • You have some past experience in teaching
  • You can't wait to gain online ESL teaching experience

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