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Nevy's Language is a great place to grain ESL teaching experience! We have a volunteer jobs board that allows you to choose the student that you want! We also have the teaching materials that you'll need, and we handle all the coordination between you and the student!

  • 32 hours of teaching over 8 weeks
  • Choose the student that you want!
  • Teaching materials are available to use
  • Work with adults or children
  • Get recordings of your classes for your portfolio
  • Earn a Letter of Reference!

What is the teaching opportunity?

We are offering a two-month teaching opportunity for you to gain ESL teaching experience to add to your teaching profile. We have a jobs board from which you can view all the teaching jobs on there and select the one that works for you. We have teaching jobs at all hours of the day. We have the teaching materials that you'll need, and once the two months are completed, we issue a letter of completion or reference that you can add to your teaching profile (as long as you're in good standing).

How long is the commitment?

The commitment for this opportunity is a 2-month term, back-to-back, and a 4-hour weekly requirement. You have to briefly prepare before every lesson and send the links that were covered in the session as homework. Please consider this opportunity carefully before applying as we hold our teachers to a very high standard of integrity and performance. A lack of performance according to our standards will result in dismissal from our program. The two-month term starts on the date of the first class with your first student.

Who would I teach?

Our students are mostly adults between the ages of 25 and 50 and at the beginner levels. They work in industries such as Hospitality, Food Services, Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation. The type of English they look for is functional, daily life English that they can use in their day-to-day. Our students are very value driven, so they care very much to learn well. They like to feel accomplished at the end of every lesson with you.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, simply fill out form below to be taken to the application. The process includes a brief application form and a video interview. If accepted, you will go through a brief orientation that can be completed on your own time. After completing the orientation, you will have access to our job board from which you can select a student and begin teaching!

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