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What is Nevy's Language?

A platform for teachers

We provide ESL teachers with pratical learning opportunities to gain the experience needed to advance in their career. We are a community of ESL teachers supporting each other.

  • Services to improve targeted teaching skills
  • Collaboration with other new and experienced ESL teachers
  • Teaching opportunities with ESL learners of all ages
  • Earn a letter of reference AND a certificate at the end of each service
  • Affordable prices and accessible services
  • Flexible times and accomodating schedules
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Supports for ESL teachers

Our services consist of a variety of practical learning opportunities for ESL teachers at different levels of their career. Our services are designed by and aimed at ESL taechers.

Live, instructor-led teaching courses

From working with students of a specific background to working with Zoom's many features, these courses target specific teaching skills and help you become an overall better ESL teacher. They are live, group courses led by an instructor.

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Observing teachers

Sometimes we just need to see how others are doing something before we jump in. Sometimes it's good to get other perspectives and ways to doing the same thing. Observation allows you to jump in on live, classes between ESL learners and teachers.

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Supervised teaching

Some teachers like to be guided when they do something for the first time. This service assigns one of our ESL coaches to you and has them observing your teaching, meeting with you and giving you feedback on what and how to improve!

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Soon-to-be ESL teachers completing their ESL teaching certifications such as TEFL, TESL, TESOL or CELTA need to complete a practicum in order to earn their certificate. This service helps you get those teaching or observation hours in and validate them.

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Teaching to gain experience

For those that want to build hours of experience under their built, this service allows you to be matched with an ESL learner on your own time and have you teach them for two or more months in a supportive and educational environment.

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