Frequently asked questions

Commonly asked questions by teachers who apply to teach on our platform.

Nevy's is a platform where you can teach online ESL to groups of students from around the world. We have the students and the materials for you. You get to choose the group!

We have the curriculum that you need to use. This includes the lessons and grammatical concepts that need to be covered and the order in which they must be covered. We have materials and the lesson plans for each lesson, but you are free to supplement your own materials. Our materials are available to you, and you'll have a chance to review them once accepted into the program.
The students that come to our platform include adults between the ages of 20 and 50, mostly at the beginner levels. They mostly live and work in North America, and they work in industries such as Hospitality, Food Services, Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation. The type of English they look for is functional, daily life English that they can use in their day-to-day. Our students are very value driven, so they care very much to learn well. They like to feel accomplished at the end of every lesson with you.
Groups meet consistently every day from Monday to Friday or Saturday to Sunday depending on the group that you choose. Groups meet at the same time every day of class and could be at any time between 9am and 11pm New York/Toronto time. Each class is 1 full hour!
Teachers need to have a functioning computer, headset, microphone and camera in order to teach with us. Teachers must also have 50+ Mbps internet speed.
We share the revenue with teachers, so for every student that signs up to lean on our platform we split the revenue with the teacher whose class the student enrolls in. We pay you CAD$50 for every student that enrolls in any of your groups. Teachers get paid CAD$50 per student per month. You also choose the size of the class that you want, so if you choose to have 5 students in your class, you'll make CAD$250 per month for that one group. You can teach as many groups as you like.
The minimum teaching commitment is four months. Once you start with a group, you cannot leave it for at least four months.
Those who are successful in teaching on our platform bring enthusiasm and energy to class, prepare for each lesson very well, are attentive to each of the students in the group, are very comfortable teaching using Zoom and its many features, are very comfortable with technology and lastly, can explain and break down difficult concepts very well! Great teachers who are enthusiastic and comfortable teaching online do well on our platform.
The application process includes an application form followed by a video-recorded interview on our partner platform, Sparkhire. Applications are reviewed based on the demand for classes, so it could be as quick as 48 hours or as long as two weeks.
You are always welcome to email us, but if accepted onto the platform, you will receive an orientation that will go over things in more detail as well as an agreement to sign. There will also be opportunities to observe other teachers and classes.