Zoom: A Full Course

Course objectives

This course aims to help you gain the skills and confidence with using Zoom and all its features. It will allow you to teach at a fast pace and not getted bogged down by its complicated features. It covers the general features of Zoom and also the ones specific to teaching English using Zoom. With this course, we aim to get you to using Zoom with the speed of the Pros!

  • Understanding why Zoom has become the most commonly used platform
  • When a Zoom account is needed and the different types of accounts
  • How to use the Zoom app for your needs
  • Understanding the different types of meetings on Zoom
  • How to schedule different types of meetings
  • How to invite others to your meetings
  • Understanding the layout of a meeting window
  • How to use the features in the meeting window
  • How to share different types of content on your screen
  • How to share and use the Whiteboard
  • How to annotate on your screen
  • How to become host of a meeting and its many uses
  • Understanding the different account and app settings
  • How to adjust your account and app settings

Course outline

We'll start with understanding Zoom and its features at a high level followed by a deeper dive into the main features. Opportunity to practice will be provided during the course. The course modules in which the above goals will be achieved are as follows.

  1. Product overview
  2. Account setup
  3. Zoom app
  4. Schedule meetings
  5. In the meeting
  6. Sharing screen
  7. Attending a meeting
  8. Account settings
  9. How to share different types of content on your screen


Our courses are based on providing the opportunity for teachers to learn and practice at the same during the course. In this course, you will learn the features of Zoom and then have time to practice them with another participant to practice under the observation and supervision of the course instructor.

Course info

This course is taught by a qualified, Zoom expert with several years of experience. Our current Zoom expert is Mahmoud Allouch. This course runs at several times throughout the day on a daily basis. Click Buy Now! to view all the available times in your timezone. Each course is 2 hours long. Once a course you are enrolled in starts, it cannot be delayed or rescheduled. You do not need an account at Nevy's Language to take this course.