How to Teach Using Zoom

Course objectives

In this we will dive deeper into using the features of Zoom to teach ESL online. We will focus on the main features of sharing screen, annotating on the screen, using the whiteboard to briefly explain grammar, when to share the audio, how to set up our materials. This class builds on the course, Zoom: A Full Course and tailors the use and practicing of Zoom to teaching English. As with all our courses, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice the skill during the course. With this course, your student will get an interactive experience with you just as if they were in person with you!

  • How to present your lessons to your student in an organized way
  • How to comfortably share materials with your student
  • How to have your student answer questions from their computer
  • How to use the whiteboard effectively
  • How to effectively play videos and audio clips
  • How to effectively apply the recording feature of Zoom
  • When and how to use breakout rooms to pair your students
  • Best practices and tips of using Zoom to teach ESL

Course outline

In this course, we will match common lesson plan activities with the Zoom features that allow us to deliver the lesson in the most engaging and beneficial way. Opportunity to practice will be provided during the course. The course modules in which the above goals will be achieved are as follows.

  1. Presenting our materials
  2. Sharing screens
  3. Remote desktop
  4. Whiteboard
  5. Playing multimedia
  6. Recording classes
  7. Breakout rooms
  8. Best practices and tips


Our courses are based on providing the opportunity for teachers to learn and practice at the same during the course. In this course, you will learn how to use the features of Zoom for the purpose of teaching English and then have time to practice them with another participant to practice under the observation and supervision of the course instructor.

Course info

This course instructor is Mahmoud Allouch, an ESL teacher with years of experience using Zoom to teach ESL. This course runs at several times throughout the day on a daily basis. Click Buy Now! to view all the available times in your timezone. Each course is 2 hours long and the follows a format of learn then practice for each of the above modules. Once a course you are enrolled in starts, it cannot be delayed or rescheduled. You do not need an account at Nevy's Language to take this course.