A program to improve your speaking skills

As a newcomer to Canada, you have alot to learn about the English spoken here. That's why we've prepared a simple, effective yet convenient service to help you improve your English in your new home.

  • Connect with fluent English speakers
  • Learn English for daily life
  • Improve your confidence in speaking
  • Make new friends
  • Always be ready for any setting

We do a quick intake to learn more about your needs. You choose what you want to work on.


We work to match you with a tutor that has the same interests and availability as you.


We complete a brief training with you to prepare you for your first session. This will include completing a demonstration on using Zoom and the conversation guides/lessons.


You are now ready to complete the sessions with your tutor. Every week, you meet with your tutor on Zoom for one hour and practice.

General English lessons

Work on your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and other areas. Go over some lessons, read along with your tutor. We'll cover a broad range of topics as you improve your general English.

Conversation practice

This is for those that want to improve their speaking. Discuss topics of interest with your tutor, go over dialogues and role play. Take some homework and practice on your own in your community.

Workplace English practice

Want to improve the way you communicate in the workplace? Do you feel that your coworkers are misunderstanding you? Use this program to learn the phrases, saying and cultural nuances in the Canadian workplace.

Citizenship speaking test preparation

If you're about to take the citizenship and you are worried about the speaking test, this program will help you practice for the test!

Affordable monthly fees

Fees that are easy on the eyes and wallet

General English
$60 /month

Just conversation practice, nothing complicated. Simple topics to discuss weekly with your tutor.

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Workplace English
$60 /month

For those that want to do a bit more. Business English to help you at the workplace and in your career. Learn and practice the words, phrases and cultural idioms used in the workplace.

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Citizenship Speaking Test Prep
$70 /month

Your citizenship test is coming up, but you haven't prepared for the English test. Prepare with us and we'll help you pass the test!

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If you're not exactly sure which to sign up for, talk to us and we'll help you decide!
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