Language that works.

Online tutoring to help newcomers to Canada practice their English.

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Effective, accessible, affordable.

A simple concept, but a big impact. This program helps newcomers practice their spoken English with fluent speakers.


Meet with Canadians who are fluent in English. Learn your mistakes and improve your speaking!


You can start in one week, join the sessions from anywhere and any device you want. No need to create an account!


A very low monthly payment of $40/month. That's it!

Weekly meetings with a tutor on Zoom to practice your English.

We match you with a tutor based on your availability and interests, then we send you Zoom meeting links for each meeting.

  • You can discuss any topic that you want
  • Each session is one, full hour
  • No account needed
  • Full-time support by our staff
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Safe, convenient and engaging.

We have made this service really easy, fun and convenient for newcomers to use.

How many hours can I do?

As many as you like! Most people do two hours a week.

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What times do you offer?

The time of the sessions depend on you. You tell us the times that work for you and we match you with someone that has the same availability.

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How can I pay?

We accept major credit cards, Interac e-transfer and Paypal.

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Can I get a certificate?

For sure! We can give you a certificate whenever you complete your first month.

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Not sure if you're ready? That's OK! We're here to answer any questions you may have. Send us a message, and we'll respond!